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    need help with my samsung digimax A402

    i am new to the board. i kind of need help with my samsung digimax A402. when i turn it on it says LOW LIGHT! and i looked it up in the book and it says:
    *when taking pictures in dark places
    -use a tripod and take pictures in Flash Photography mode.
    if anyone could help me figure out how to get the LOW LIGHT! off the screen or something please post. it is annoying me. lol
    i hope someone can help me. thanks

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    That only means that you need to turn on the flash,or when you take a picture it will be a little dark,...unless it does that all the time.

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    I have had this camera for about 7 months now and have no complaints at all. As far as the battery comments above - I use Energizer rechargables - I get about 3 full sets of pictures per charge (with or without flash - something to always consider). As far as picture quality - it depends on the settings. After tinkering around with multiple settings on this camera - I have been very satisfied with the results / price range. Over all - if you're looking for a cheap economical camera and can afford the rechargable batteries - this is a great buy.

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