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    Looking to buy a camera for boyfriend

    My boyfriend wants to go in the woods and take photos. I am looking for a camera that is:
    1. less than $400.00
    2. compact, or ultra compact
    3. has at least 5-6 megapixels
    4. Has an optical zoom of 5+ or even ultrazoom 10
    5. Quality is very important as enlargements are of likely desire
    6. A quiet camera
    6. The camera will be used by a non experienced person looking to catch wildlife in woods without too much noise and distractions.

    He gets a little nervous, so a stabilzer may ideal. I have been checking out the Canon SD700 and Kodak V610 (zoom sounds impressive), But they are both pricey. Would you recommend one over the other or beter yet, a less expensive one.
    Key things again are quietness, zoom, and quality ideal for wildlife enlargements!

    Thanks so much

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    Panasonic TZ-1?

    10X IS lens, ... somewhat... smaller... it's not "ultra compact" but it isn't huge about length of hand...

    If I was buying a small camera thats what I would buy.


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    Camera for boyfriend

    Is it quiet? Thanks for your input

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    It is very quiet. Esp. if you turn off all the beeps and sounds, which i did on mine. Starts up quick, minimal shutter lag, zooming is quiet and focusing is quick.

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    Panasonic Lumix TZ1

    I am afraid he may be disappointed because there is no view finder! Are you comfortable with only the LCD??

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