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    Nikon D50 too soft pictures


    I own the Nikon D50 with 28-90 Quantaray lens for 3 days now. Problem is, i can't get sharp images out of the cam. The pics are soft(soft edges too) even if
    i turn on the camera sharp setting. I did shots in auto and P mode. Can a experienced D50 owner please advice.


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    I think you are looking at the result of a poor lens.

    The camera only records the quality of light that hits the sensor, in your case, poor optics are decreasing the quality of light hitting the sensor. That would be my first place to start for an improvement in image quality - pick up the cheap 50 1.8 and do some comparing. . .

    Next, I'd invest in a decent image editor like Photoshop elements 4.0 - all DSLR images need PP work done for them to look their best.

    but to be 100% sure, can you post some examples with some exif information - It'd suck if the reason is because of camera shake or subject movement. . .
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