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    Advice of flashguns for a D50?


    I would appreciate some advice on suitable flashguns for a D50 (Iím finding the subject pretty overwhelming ) I mainly use my D50 for macro photography, I am the proud new owner of a Tamron 90mm and I use a Nikkor 17 Ė 700mm for more general shots.

    I am looking at getting a SB600 or SB800, any advice or experience would be great on which model is the better (not sure if the SB800 is really worth the extra money)

    My main question is whether either flashgun would be suitable for close up shots? My budget doesnít really stretch as far as a dedicated macro flashgun so Iím trying to find something that can be a bit more versatile.

    Thanks for any replies!

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    Since you are mainly looking for a macro flash, I would suggest the SB-600, if you needed more distance and power, the SB-800 would be more suitable. I am not sure about the SB-600 but the SB-800 flash head can tilt down to -7 degrees for close up macro shots. For what its worth, I own the SB-800 and its by far the best investment I have ever made for my photography equipment!

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    The SB-600 can't tilt down like the 800 can.

    You might also consider looking at the R1C1 macro flash ring.
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