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    Canon Powershot SD 600 noise. Please help.

    I just purchased a new Canon Powershot SD 600, and when i started using it i noticed some noise after zooming. As i zoom in for a picture its fine, but after i get to the point of zoom i think is appropriate, and stop zooming, the camera will fouc, and as it focus there is a noise ( i want to say scratching noise, but it sounds exactly teh same each time, so this is why im not sure if it is normal). Also, when i hold the button to snap the picture as teh camera again focuses, it makes the noise again. Is this normal with this camera? Any thoughs and/or help is greatly appreciated. Im not sure what to do, whether to exchange it, use the warranty, or jsut keep it sicne the pictures are great and everything seems fine. Thanks in advance.

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    You mean the sort of faint scratchy sound (apart from the whizz of the barrel moving)? Yes that is normal. It had me puzzled aswell when I noticed it at first, but it comes with the camera So nothing is broken nor is it an omen for disaster or anything. It's just a quirky noise.

    I have heard people complaining that the SD600 is relatively noisy compared to other recent models on the market, but it doesn't bother me. Apart from that I was used to my ultra noisy canon powershot S200, which made people's heads turn whenever I zoomed in...

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