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    Sony DSC-H1/H5 focusing

    I am seriously considering buying a DSC-H5 camera. My sister has the DSC-H1 and is very pleased with it. However, this weekend she was taking pictures of her husband with my mother. The picture of my mother was very clear but the picture of her husband was blurry. She said mike must have moved. I don't understand why that would make a difference since you can take action shots of people running and they are clear. What settings should be used to prevent this from happening?

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    Action shots are taken with a very fast shutter.

    If the shutter speed was slow then any movement would tend to show up as blur.

    Slow shutter speeds are needed when there is low light and the camera can not compensate any other way , ie by raising ISO or the aperature is open fully and still more light is needed.

    So, either use a faster shutter speed, by shooting in better light , by making sure the aperature is wide open , by possibly using a higher ISO (which can add noise to the image) or use flash to help freeze the subjects .

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