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I've been visiting this site a long time, just registered for the forums
As someone who doesn't have an investment already in lenses and is thinking about getting a digital SLR for the first time, up until now I've been pretty torn between either the Rebel XT, the 20d or the d70s.

looking at the specs/price of the Sony Alpha compared to those 3, I'm very seriously considering going with this instead. I don't really care so much about the difference in megapixels (thanks to the informative posts I found here on the subject dispelling my preconceptions about how much of a difference it makes ) ... but the built-in image stabilization, the anti-dust features, the eye sensor AF system and the improved manual control knobs from the KMs make this a very compelling argument to someone who's just starting out and will likely only buy 1 or 2 lenses in my first couple of years.
Hi Maalak-my first try to reach this site-agree with ur views.neil