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    ultracompact point & shoot?

    A forum newbie here. Have read the stickies, hope I've done my homework, so here it goes:




    Ultracompact - something that will realistically fit in a shirt pocket!


    4-5+ megs

    3x zoom

    image quality: 8 - very important

    minimal manual controls - would like white balance

    simple menu structure; don't want to have to dig deep hunting for something (like my A80)

    General Usage:

    casual pics: social settings, sightseeing, occasional action shots

    mostly 4x6 or 5x7 prints; very few 8x10

    about 50-50 inside/outside


    Like Canons because of luck with image quality of film and digital cameras.

    Prefer camera's accompanying software to be Mac-friendly; seems Sony's software is not mac-compatible?

    Interested in SD600/550, Casio Z750/850, Fuji Z1/F10/F30, Sony T9

    Prefer viewfinder; minimum 2.5" LCD; image stabilization would be nice but that's out of my budget.


    I have a Canon A80 which I really like for its image quality and manual controls. I really enjoy it for semi-serious photography. But as a point and shoot, it's too heavy and bulky (are you happy to see me or is that a camera in your pocket?); all the manual controls are overkill. The A80's tiny LCD makes icons hard to read. Even set to the fastest shooting mode, it's too slow for candid shots.

    Consistently high image quality -- crisp focus and color saturation -- is my top priority, followed by light weight/small size. After that, fast burst mode and good battery life. Is this asking too much for $375 or less?

    Thanks in advance for recommendations!

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    You will surely get most of what you want from the Canons - apart from battery life, other brands do better with that. Such as the casios, which are also very small, lack viewfinders. The Fujis you mention are a bit thicker than the SD Canons and the Casios, but are otherwise awesome (lack viewfinders). Another brand to consider is Panasonic - you get IS, good battery life, sexy slim looks, no viewfinder, and the scorn of non Panasonistas over digital noise

    But I don't think you'll be disappointed at the balance of attributes from the Canon SD's you mention.

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    thanks, Nesster. Funny you should mention Panasonic. I keep looking at the DMC-FX9 because of its feature set and price but became hesitant after seeing the noise complaints. Any experience with recent Panasonics? Sounds like you're fan?

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    I thought Canon A's have good batt life, espec the A610/A620. Casio Z120 is a good small one with a VF.

    Your list is good: SD600/550, Casio Z750/850, Fuji Z1/F10/F30, Sony T9. But I may replace the Fuji Z1 with the Z3.

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    Fuji Z3
    Fuji F30
    Canon SD6x0
    Casio Z750
    Panasonic FX8 (see review for the FX7)
    Panasonic TZ1

    That's my recommendation

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