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    Smile Advice about selecting a digital camera


    I'm looking for a digital camera to take close ups of individual cars in my Hotwheels collection to sell on Ebay. Is there a suggestion for one that will take very clear photos of small objects showings defects that would have to be noted to accurately show these minature cars? What do I look for in a digital camera to achieve these clear close up photos? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    If it is small detail you are looking for, then shop for a lens that is rated for "macro" shooting. A good macro lens will show you the writing on a coin at close range. So, when you shop for a lens, and you see one, pull a coin out of your pocket, place it on a flat surface. If the lens lets you read it in sharp focus, you have one, its that simple!
    Digital cameras come with junk lenses, so shop a lens separately from the camera, and plan on looking for a digital SLR, unless one of the fixed lens cameras will read the coin too.
    I recommend shopping online. Got my camera at digitalliquidators.com, good price.

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