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    Paxton Guest

    Nikon D50 Problem

    I have a D50 that is about 2 mos. old. I used the camera about a week ago with no problems whatsoever. I took the camera out to use yesterday and now it won't read any of my three SD cards. The green light doesn't even light up when a card is inserted. Also, the color LCD screen on the back does not come on at all, no matter what button is pushed. The battery indicator on the top flashes indicating that a battery is not inserted, even though it's fully charged and inserted properly into the battery compartment. The viewfinder also indicates that no SD card is in place, even though one is inserted.

    Anyone experience this problem? Is there anything I can do, or does this need to be sent in for repairs?


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    I've only had my D50 for about a week but had a similar experience yesterday. Kept getting "CHA" flashing on the LCD even though the battery was at full charge, I swapped to spare and it persisted. I removed the SD card and reseated it and that fixed the problem. My amateur suggestion would be to make sure your memory cards are well seated. May want to look in the slot when you remove the memory and make sure nothing has gotten into there.

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    Sounds like two different problems... for the second poster, as you pointed out, reseating your SD card did the trick...

    For the original poster, if the camera thinks it doesn't have a battery that is game over: try another battery if possible, clean the contacts on your existing battery, make sure it really is fully charged...
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    Lightbulb Nikon D50 Problem

    Did you try the reset button?


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    What battery do you have?
    EN-EL3, EN-EL3a or EN-EL3e

    If it is an EN-EL3 it may be one of the dodgy ones that was covered by Nikon's recall a couple on months go - check Nikon's web site for the batch number information.

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    Reset camera

    I agree, you may want to reset the camera and then reformat your memory cards.

    Resetting the camera is described on the bottom of page 120 in the D50 manual.
    Reformatting is done through the menu under "format". It will reset your memory cards to the cameras parameters.

    Good luck, it's a great camera, I hope this clears the problem.


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    Pro photographers advise that in order to avoid problems with your flash memory cards (sd cf etc) you need to format them in your camera everytime you use it (if you downloaded photos taken yesterday to your PC, you have to format it the day you are going to use it ) this way you avoid problems related with errors and such

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