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    Oct 2004
    Irvine, CA

    Seeking broken CASIO cameras for parts

    I'm an electronics technician specializing in CASIO repairs. I have experienced difficulty through the years acquiring parts from CASIO and their distributors without waiting for a very long time. Customers definately don't like to wait for a repair of a camera that they use on a regular basis. Anyway, just wanted to see if there are any of you with broken CASIO's that you'd like to sell for scrap parts.
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    pokeyjr1 Guest

    casio parts

    i have a casio ex-z4u its apart i have everything.....i toook it apart b/c the lens wont go in or out i dn if thats a common problem or not but anyways let me know how much ull give me for it

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    Greg228 Guest

    Casio for parts

    Casio exilim 3.2 MP. Camera works board cracked/screen is out.

    did not want to toss it, but too costly to repair. Been sitting here, now it can find a use.

    give me a shout.


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    Oct 2006

    casio z50

    Hi, I have a casio EX-Z50 that I dropped. While the shell is banged up, The Display works perfect. The lens doesn't come out upon startup and reads lens
    error. For a fair price I'll sell it if I don't find a lens. Do you have a lens? Thanks


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    jkobuchi Guest

    Casio EX-z750 - Need a new LCD

    I just broke my LCD and was wondering if you have one for sale. Also my camera is in perfect condition otherwise. How much is it worth to you? It is only about 1 year old.

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    Jun 2007

    casio exilim z55

    yepp i have a casio exilim z55!! had system error problem, just recently got it fixed tho..

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    bakes10 Guest

    Casio EXZ50 broken LCD

    Can anybody help me locate a replacement LCD screen for the EX Z50 as mine is damaged. Any reply would be much appreciated.

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    Jun 2005

    Z60 Lcd

    How hard is it to replace LCD if get spare from parts camera? Where can I get instructions?

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    Jun 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by jb2twin View Post
    How hard is it to replace LCD if get spare from parts camera? Where can I get instructions?
    A Z60 is a fairly easy camera to work on, but the LCD replacement does require some soldering of the power leads to it. There are a decent number of items to remove, but it's not too bad. If you do start taking your camera apart, beware of the flash capacitor. It's the black cylinder that looks like a battery. It stores a very nice charge were you to touch it, or the leads coming from it. It can be discharged with a resistor across the terminals.

    I think I have a partially disassembled Z60 with a good LCD in place. PM me, if you're interested.
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    stumptown Guest

    S100 Lcd

    I'm trying to find a replacement LCD for the Exilim EX-S100. Does anyone know where to find this affordably? Ebay doesn't seem to have them or any compitable ones as individual units or damaged cameras.

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