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    Exclamation Canon A520 lens cover sticking

    Five weeks ago I bought a new A520 , The lens covers kept sticking partially open when switched on . I returned the camera and received a new replacement. It worked fine for a week then the covers started sticking again, not everytime but often enough to spoil a good shot.

    Have Canon produced a bad batch of cameras?

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    The same thing happened to me. The first one lasted about a month or so, and then it woudl stick. I could usually fix it with a slight tap on the side of the lens barrel. I returned that camera for another one. I have had the second one for about three months, and so far it has performed flawlesslyl. There are a lot of messages about some Canon cameras having problems with the lens extention motor. One trick that might work for you is to make sure that you put the switch in the "play" mode when you turn off the camera. That way if the power switch gets accidentally pressed when the camera is in your pocket/purse/briefcase, etc., it will turn on, but the lens won't try to extend and run the possiblility of being jammed by something which prevents it from extending. Good luck.

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