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    warhawk21114 Guest

    Unhappy Easyshare Software Trouble

    My computer crashed last week, and Ironically the EasyShare software was the only thing that has stopped working once I recovered. I can install it but I always get LTDIS10N.dll was not found and ESApp.dll could not be loaded. I have tried everytrick in the book. What should I do? Thanks!!!

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    sw2cam Guest
    Write to the KODAK help service? Download new easyshare from the KODAK site?

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    bullysf Guest

    I got this from KODAK (April 15th, 2006)

    With regard to your concern, please use the following steps to resolve
    the problem:

    1. Uninstall the first attempt of installation of the software using the
    Add/Remove Programs feature:
    a. Select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs
    b. Click Remove.
    2. Run the Clear utility:
    a. Navigate to: http://www.kodak.com/go/clear
    b. Click Download, and then follow the on-screen prompts.
    3. Check C:\Program Files\Kodak - make sure all EASYSHARE Software items
    have been removed. Right-click on this folder and select Delete.
    4. Check C:\Program Files\Common Files\Kodak - make sure all EASYSHARE
    Software items have been removed. Right-click on this folder and select
    5. Use Disk Cleanup to delete Temporary Files, Temporary Internet files,
    and Recycle Bin:
    a. Open the My Computer icon.
    b. Right-click the C:\ (Local Disk) drive and select Properties.
    c. Click Disk Cleanup.
    d. When the Disk Cleanup for (C: ) window opens, select the Temporary
    Internet Files, Recycle Bin, and Temporary Files check boxes.
    e. Click OK, then Yes to delete all files and begin disk cleanup.
    6. Search for a folder named EasyShareSetup and delete it. Select Start
    > Find or Start > Search and then search for EasyShareSetup in the C:\
    7. Disconnect USB devices.
    8. Shut down background processes:
    a. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL.
    b. Select the Processes tab.
    c. Select each program and click End Task.
    9. Reinstall the software.

    We are glad to be of service and are here for you if you need us in the
    future. Please reply to us "with history" if this e-mail did not resolve
    your issue.


    Adell A.
    Kodak Information and Technical Support

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    sw2cam Guest
    Is everything working now?

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    sw2cam Guest
    Hello did you get it working. Was it operator error? Was it a computer error?

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    Mar 2010
    This works great!! Thanks for the detailed post!!

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