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    Setting for FZ30 and sunpack 383...

    Please help me with the setting of FZ30 with the sunpack 383. At the night time, I set to auto on the fz30 and the sunpack 383, the pictures came out too white or not enough light.. Please show me how to do the setting if I want to take at the night.

    Thank You


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    Boy this could be a whole lesson....I suggest you use the yellow setting on the Flash ...but you may want something else ......I think the big problem is the FZ30 defaults to 1/30 sec. shutter speed and I think thats wrong.....So either set the flash setting on the camera to Manual instead of preset and then experiment with the SS. or set the exposure compensation to -1 which will set the shutterspeed to 1/60 which I think works better.....but you may be able to get what you want just by changing the colors on the back of the flash.

    Just try different setting tonite and see what works for you...it does not cost anything to experiment.

    one of these days I'll understand!

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    I agree with gene about the yellow mode. I use it almost exclusively. The problem with your exposure isn't so much shutter speed but proper aperature settings it sounds like. Flip it into yellow mode and set the iso on the flash to whatever iso you plan to use with the camera (i usually use 100 cuz it gives me nice even numbers and a clean picture.) Then the flash tells you which aperature to pick. At 100 iso in yellow it's f/4. Always use a shutter speed of 1/60 for most applications although i've found the fz30 synchs up to 1/4000 strangely enough. Always use manual mode with indoor and dark night flash photography. Leave the shutter speed the same (1/60) and adjust exposure as needed with the aperature dial. The thing about flash photography is you really aren't using much if ANY ambient light (especially in red mode at iso 100 where the aperature is set at f/8.) All you have to do is make sure your flash is synching with the camera and the flash provides all the light neccesary for the picture. If you find your subject is too close and it's overexposing flip the flash to red mode and adjust the aperature to what it tells you (8 I think for iso 100.) Really, with flash photography the shutter speed can stay on 1/60 all the time. The amount of exposure is controlled by the aperature provided you are indoors and using an aperature value that otherwise would turn the picture mostly black without the flash. Also, another trick is if it's a shot you can reshoot immediately, fire a test shot, review it, then, if it's too dark, open (lower) your aperture a couple stops... if it's too bright, close (raise) the aperature by a couple stops. With practice you'll get the hang of it.

    Using a sunpack is so easy. You basically set the camera into manual mode. Set the camera to whatever iso you want and the flash to that same iso. Set the camera's aperature to whatever the sunpack tells you for that particular ISO and the shutter speed to 1/60. At that point you could quite literally tape the dials up so you won't accidently knock em and then just shoot away. That's what I do whenever I lend the camera to someone who doesn't know anything about using a camera manually. Good luck.
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    Using Sunpak 383 in P mode

    I just got one of these on Friday and have been experimenting with it. It does seem to have some automatic capability with the FZ30. Here's what works for me:

    - Put the camera in "P" mode, flash in yellow mode. You'll notice in the display that the aperture is fixed at F4.

    - Hit "Menu" and select Page 4 (external flash page) on the REC menu. Select Preset mode and turn burst OFF.

    - The exposure bias on the 4-way controller has no effect. However, if you want to lighten or darken the exposure, put the flash in red or green mode, respectively. Apparently it keeps the aperture at F4 and varies the intensity of the flash.

    - If you prefer manual mode, go back to the menu and set external flash mode to MANUAL. Otherwise you won't be able to set the aperture.

    Hope this is helpful.

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