In followup to my thread:

I now am deciding between these two.

I've looked into the Canon EF 28-105 II USM and do find many positive things in terms of price vs quality. No real big issues etc. It's about 270 euro around here.

What I have also looked into is the Canon EF 28-135mm F/3.5-5.6 USM IS (450 euro) because I do like to shoot in low light conditions without flash. As far as I've read the difference is in the IS and the wider range (excuse me if I'm not using the right terms here) but optically they are pretty equaled. The cons of the 135 are price and size/weight. It would be my primary lens for now so size/weight could be an issue but on the other hand I have 2 other digicams, a Canon G2 I use at the moment when I'm going somewhere and know I want to take photographs and can carry a little extra, and I use it at home. The second is a Canon A520 which is sitting in my purse so I always have it with me in case I want to photograph something. So if the weight is an issue I might go for the other two anyway....

I could afford the 28-135 (only just) but I could also safe the cash and use that on another lens at some point. Right now I just want to get a feel for it all and see what I miss, the macro end or the zoom end.

p.s. I'm also going to be shooting at a wedding in september, I won't be the 'real' photographer but I'd still like to be able to do a good job.

Any advice/thoughts are appreciated.