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    A610 video mode questions galore

    I am looking in to the A610, and after watching a Sony DSC-P100 digital camera record an entire concert I recently attended with stunning audio / video quality. I am convinced that the digital camera niche can perform well for my task.
    Here is my questions....

    A610 in reviews for 30fps - 640x480 is stated to do 1.8megs per second video size roughly. In users experiences what have you found to be accurate video size per second?

    Has anyone ever brought this in to a concert and found a good setting for low-light?

    Is there a way to continuously capture video without holding the button down?

    Can you disable the screen while shooting video?

    What is the battery life while shooting video?

    I ask this because I intend on bringing this to a concert with me, recording 90-100 minutes of video, and I want to see if one set of batteries will make it through the show, and secondly how many Gb of memory card's will I need to make it through a show.

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    Better get one of those MPEG4 digicams: casio exilim z750, kodak v550, pentax optio s6, etc

    recording concerts with mjpeg will require tons of flash cards

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    This Sony DSC-P100, the guy recorded with 3 or 4gb of MS Pro card's....

    I will look at reviews of the cameras you mentioned.

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    The Canon's produce very good quality video, with huge file sizes. I use mine for skiing videos, using several roughly 20-30 seconds clips to make longer videos. If you are looking to record concerts there are better digital cameras that use MPEG-4 and will produce very good image quality with smaller file sizes.

    In general, you push the button down to start recording, and push it again to stop recording.

    Low light videos are pretty poor quality.

    With my camera you can't disable the screen while recording.

    If you are really interested in recording lots of video, any small video camera will do a better job and be much easier.


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    Isn't it illegal to videotape concert performances? I find it hard to believe any camera, including the Sony DSC-P100, could record an entire concert with stunning audio / video quality. Like David said, camcorders are better for long videos.

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    Certain concerts allow you to do these things.....

    The Sony DSC-100 camera did 640x480 @ 30fps with superior then web-cam quality.

    This camera footage I have is truely stunning
    bittorrent this....

    Nine Inch Nails Grand Rapids

    Amazing quality...
    I thought it was a DV cam with bass-roll off and all the jazz.

    I am looking at Casio but they use a odd video file format, I might just buy a Sony DSC-200 camera...

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