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Dang thats a steal of a deal. There is a fuse in the powersupply that blows. Its right on the corner in the supply. Ive repaired a few with a blown fuse.

It sometimes blows for no reason. Ive had one pop and i wasnt even doing anything.
Hi, BowerR64,
I came across your post and I wondered if you, by any chance, have some Canon Powershot A75 electric/mechanical schematics.
My beloved A75 won't power-up (been dropped on the floor...).
I've managed to disassmble it only to certain extent (10 screws) where I could test the fuses on only one side of the pcb, there are 2 fuses (with 1.8 marking...)
but i'm not sure, there may be more on the other side...
also checked and found that the 2 microswitches also good (CF and batteries doors)
Is there any site with schematics I can d.l (I just don't feel like shelling out about 50 USD for repair shop?