Hello all,

I could really use some help! I have done lots of research online and read several reviews of both the Canon A85 and Kodak 7630. They each seem to have their pluses and minuses and I am having a hard time deciding which to buy. I know the 7630 is a 6 MP but MP and price aside, I would like any opinions or information to help make my decision. I am after an easy to use camera, has room to grow, and picture images are close to natural color as possible. I am really looking for the best all around camera. I also enjoy taking macro shots of flowers, bugs, etc. I really don't think the MP matter, as most pictures will not be larger than 8x10. This will be our first digital camera and I need some help deciding.
I appreciate any input anyone has, especially those that have used the cameras. I am most worried about the Kodak overexposing pictures. What are your thoughts, suggestions?