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    Quote Originally Posted by BowerR64 View Post
    It almost seems as if other countrys have different regulations or somthing. It seems only canon USA has admit to the problem and agree to repairs.
    Where're you from, Mate? Canon Brazil has also agreed to make repairs.

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    KWagle Guest
    My S1 IS sensor just died in exactly this fashion.

    I'm trying to contact Canon via their "email" support form, and we shall see what happens.

    ~ Kiran <entropy@io.com>

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    Hey everyone! I actually just made an account to say this, my S1 also does this and I figured out a rather weird way to fix it when it happens. To me it seemed like there was something wrong with the aperture (which I now know is actually the CCD) so what I did to, I suppose, "reset" it was point it at a bright light, such as the sun or headlights on a car. After quickly pulling away from the light it seemed to be working just fine all over again. I'm guessing what it did was shock the CCD into fixing itself. It didn't fix it permanently but every time it malfunctions, i just do the same thing and it seems to fix it every time. Until I can afford to get it fixed or replaced with a newer camera, this is what I'm doing. Try it and let me know what happens. (P.S It may take a few of these "procedures" sometimes)
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