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    The images aren't really deleted, the areas they're written to are just flagged to be overwritten to. But if the images you just shot wrote over the areas marked to being over-written, you've no doubt lost them. But for the free space, ZAR or F-Recovery is what I use.

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    I found this thread when I search for solutions after I deleted photos from my Nikon camera. However, all suggestions above do not work. Any other suggestion?

    I found the solution, I used photo recovery program. here's the digital camera deleted photo recovery guide I followed:
    how to recover camera deleted photos
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    I have had amazing success with a program called "PHOTO RECOVERY". There are a number of other programs as well.

    Good luck
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    use Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac

    Quote Originally Posted by BSelinger View Post
    I took about a hundred pictures with my Fuji 2400Zoom camera. They were stored on a 64MB SmartMedia chip. I accidentally erased all of the pictures without realizing it. I took six more pictures before realizing what a stupid thing I had done. I immediately pulled the chip from the camera.

    Are my hundred pictures gone forever? Is there any way to recover or undelete them? Even if the six new pictures copied over six of my old pictures I would still like to recover 94 pictures if I can.

    Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    to recover deleted pictures from memory card of digital camera, I suggest you try Jihosoft Photo Recovery for Mac. I have deleted photos from SD card of my Nikon camera, this tool works well to help get back these deleted files. Good luck to you.

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