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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrain
    Tools like photorescue work when the problem is a FAT corruption problem or if you have deleted files on a FAT volume.

    The DVD is not a simple FAT disk, so you can not get any files from it using a tool like that. If the original poster can copy the files from the DVD but can not get programs to recognize them as RAW files, then the file itself is corrupted in some way or another, and it is then not the file system that can not locate the files while trying to read them.

    So, first try if you can copy them. If you can normally copy them, then the file itself is corrupted in some way, and then send me a copy so I can compare it with a Canon RAW file of my own.
    True. I haven't run into a corrupted image file on DVD, only occasional CF card and hard drive files.

    It may be a pain to travel with a laptop sometimes, but I always download to my laptop when traveling, and do a quick scan of NEF images in NC4 before erasing the CF card.

    DrewDrew, you might want to check your memory cards to see if there are any of the lost images remaining. If you did not completely over-write the card, some images may still be there (even after you erased and reformatted).

    You can use photorescue, trial version to check the memory cards.
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    Cool NEF Corrupt Nikon Raw SOS!!!!!

    Hello all

    I stumbled upon this forum and find I am having a similar problem, I did a photo shoot the other day only to find that some of the photographs that I had copied over from one of my CF cards, had corrupted them , all the files seem to be intact and the right sizes, they wont seem to open in any programs, such as Aperture Iphoto, Nikon Capture, I did had a little amount of joy when I used my dads pc a freeware programme I downloaded managed to produce some 480-640 tiff previews from the files but I need to recover the full res versions, is their anything anybody can suggest so I can repair these corrupted NEF Files
    any help would be much appreciated


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