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Thread: red haze

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    Feb 2006

    red haze

    thursday i took a shot and it had a red haze across the top. it
    reminded me of that orange light of a light leak on film(remember that?)
    i took several more shots, indoors, outdoors, flash. i switched to
    manual and went in the closet, took shots at 4 sec and 1/4000 sec with
    the same amount of red. i powered down, removed the battery and it
    remained. several hours later, i tried again and it has miraculously
    healed itself. the only thing different was a different CF card. i'm going to put that card back in and see what happens. seems unlikely that the storage medium could have anything to do with it, though.
    i took it back to the shop and showed them while it's still under warranty. they don't have a clue.
    any ideas?
    bill keiser

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    Without sample images for us to see, it's impossible to say.

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    What memory card were you using [Please don't say Lexar]? Not that I use Lexar - they had a lot of problems in the past, needless to say that made me curious.

    Oh sounds like you were troubleshooting and nothing seemed to help until you switched memory cards - nothing to say that they memory card could have corrupt innerds! I'd take it back to the shop and put your memory card that showed the red band in other cameras and see what the results are? sounds like a good idea to me - that way I think you'd have concrete evidence supporting bum memory card.
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    red haze example

    viking 1 gb
    but i put it back in and the problem still seems to be gone. it seems unlikely that this kind of image corruption could be due to a faulty card. every pic was affected exactly the same way.
    attached is one of the first images. i was shooting an old photo(my dad on his indian.)
    the other end seems a bit green, too. I'm not sure if that's part of the problem or not. The ones I shot in the closet just had a red tint.
    (the red was at the top of the image, as in top of the camera.)

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    Bill - the second photo doesn't seem to load fully but based on the first one (Dad on bike) your camera could have a real problem. I'm not sure what it would have to do with the CF card. Rather it seems like an internal camera electronics issue. If it persists, I'd definitely send the camera in for service.
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    the one that wouldn't fully load was just a cropped strip from one of the ones i shot in the closet. i forgot to explain it. if you pull it up in photoshop, you can see the color numbers and you can just barely see the red haze at the top end. it showed up easily on the camera screen though.
    i'll be taking it in to the camera shop this week. i've emailed canon tech support on it now, too.

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