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    Aug 2011
    I have a similar problem...cover needs to be kept closed with a rubber band. The lens seems to work OK.
    Would it be worth having it repaired?
    The camera was my father's. I've never used a digital camera before.

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    Not worth spending any money on a digital camera over 2 years old. If they will even fix it you can buy a much better camera for $200 these days. Any repair will cost at least $100 just to get started.

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    Jun 2012
    Hi I have the same digi camera and same problem but I unscrewed the 2 small screws under the bottom side of the cover and that removed the cover nicely to find out that the backside of the cover was worn and not pushing down on the power button to make the lens work proberly ! NOW I`m in need of a new lens cover like you to make the camera work again!


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