You all need to bombard Olympus with letters, emails and phone calls to their 800 number. I wrote a letter, sent it to VP in Charge of Sales, VP in Charge of Customer Relations and to Customer Service. After a month I got a call from Customer Service with the same broken record reply: "Send your camera in and for $119.00 we will look at it and let you know the charges to repair it" After I challenged her on the fact this was a manufacturing defect ( I have cut and pasted all the negatives I could find on the Stylus 400 to Customer Service and have told them the 400s are being offered on EBay for $5.) she had the nerve to say I had probably broken it by trying to get it to work. I explained that I had seen where others had held down the door on the front and could take pictures so I tried it. She said I broke the camera at that point. This is an insult to all of us to have a camera we bought in good faith and now we can't use it. Get those cards and calls going!!!!!!!