I am writing to see if I get any other posts about a defect that my Stylus 400 had.
My camera began to experience a problem with what I thought was the shutter/lens cover. When I would slide open the cover to take a picture, 80% of the time the lens would retract and the camera would power down. Eventually, my camera quit working altogether.
The repair bill was $169 and I was furious b/c I pd. $400 for the thing and only used it a yr. and a half! I decided to see what used ones were selling for on eBay and the third item I viewed - the seller was selling her Stylus 400 b/c she was having the same problem. Then, while reading posts on this site, another guy is having what sounds like this problem.
This leads me to believe this camera series has a defect that I feel needs to be recalled and made right. It could be the reason Olympus came out with a 410 series. I thought this interesting when no other Stylus has a _10 series(?).
Please respond to let me know. I want Olympus to be aware of their error.
One more thing, I bought Olympus b/c of their name, but now I realize that they don't even make the top 10 when I read reviews online about digital camera. Very disappointing. I will buy a Canon - they've treated me well in the past.