My wife bought an X-940 a few months ago. I installed the reader software, (mysteriously called "ib"), on a machine and have "emptied" the camera. Not trusting to luck, I have not deleted the pictures in the camera, but now it is getting full. So I want to burn the pictures onto a CD, but the computer that has the "ib" does not have that capability.

I struggled for half a day trying to get Windows, (XP), networking to go, so I could transfer the pictures to this machine which can write CD's. So figured I'd install the "ib" on here. Done. However, when I try to "empty" the camera again on here, it does not give me the choice, the menu option is greyed out.

I assume the camera pushes unread images out and flags them as so, thus the camera says to the "new ib" that it has nothing to send.

What is the quickest way round this?