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    finished my D70s course thing today

    well, i had signed up for a 6hr course on all the functions of the fine d70s......

    since i have been shooting for 2 months, i have figured most out (not that i know how to apply the settings...lol
    but i learned how to properly meter on a subject for white balance and a few other things.......but

    at break i ran over to get some prints i emailed in from last nites hockey game....ISO 1250-1600 and i printed one off at 8X10 , not even sure if i did noise ninja.......to me they look gr8!

    and the instructor (a pro whom uses canon 1D, and mark?) asked if he could take a look..

    "wow these are real good, you didnt shoot these with the 18-200 sigma" (what i had on the camera)
    i replied "no"
    he laughed and said "
    i didnt think so!!!"

    should of saw his face when i said it was ISO 1600!!!!

    still loving my kit!!!

    FWIW, he said he read that pros seem to think 8mp is needed to reproduce film like qualities... i doubt it
    sigma 18-200 dc
    Nikkor 70-200VR
    Extreme III 1GB card
    Extreme II 2gb card
    Lexar professional 1GB
    Tiffen UV filter

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    This is the thing that makes me chuckle. We rant and rave over the differences between the cameras, comparing noise and resolution and features and speed. The fact is, in the end, when you do prints, all these cameras are capable of doing great work, and we're really just splitting hairs here.

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    Oh really Erich!!! That's far too sane and sensible an opinion! Are you trying to put all the camera web boards out of business?
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