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Thread: PowerShot S3 IS

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    PowerShot S3 IS

    So the word is out.

    If the S3's light sensitivity is truly better, I'll seriously consider selling my S2 (if anyone will buy them once the S3 is out) and getting an S3. My one lasting complaint about the S2 is the low-light focusing -- which is to say, can I have some, please? If the S3 gets focusing performance anywhere near, say, the Panazonic DMC-FZ5, I'm utterly sold.

    The press release doesn't say anything about whether the S3 will use 9-point AiAF or manual focus-point selection. I'd really prefer AiAF in Auto mode for quick shooting with multiple subjects (candid portraits, mainly). Would it be too much to ask for both?

    I am glad to see Sports Mode come back. Beats me why they killed it before.
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