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    S1 IS Flash Unit Problem

    Hello DCRP users. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've gotten a lot of good info of these threads, and in fact I used a lot of the reviews to help me pick out the Canon S1 IS last January (05) - well, the camera is about 14 months in my camera bag and I'm having my first problem.

    Today, right in the middle of shooting in an indoor setting, the flash unit began "popping' like a . . .., well, it sounds like a small firework (those little things you toss on the ground and make a pop come to mind) when the flash unit fires. It makes 2 quick "pops" - no smoke, no smell, and the flash fires acceptably. I get proper illumination of my image, and the CCD records a good image. So, aside from the unusual sound, it's working OK.

    My subjects don't always like the sound, and frankly, neither do I.

    I let the camera sit for an hour. I changed the batteries. I shot some images outdoors without the need for the flash, and it unfortunately still pops when the flash fires.

    You might note that since my camera is more than a year old, the factory warranty has expired.

    Has anyone else experienced this with the S1 IS or other PowerShot models? What options do I have, or suggestions from the group?

    Sincere gratitude for your time, and any suggestions.

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    This doesn't sound good to me. You might have to suck it up and get it fixed even if you have to pay for it. However before you do that I have one idea to try, I am not sure if the S1 has this or not but the S2 does so it might. If the S1 has an adjustable flash intensity option like the S2 does then try reducing the intensity and see if that helps.
    Canon S2 IS, Canon A510

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    S1 IS Flash Problem - Update

    The flash has died - it popped a few more times and now it's dead.

    thanks Severin for the reply - BTW the S1 does have the flash output adjustment - didn't seem to matter though . . .

    I'm a little disappointed that I've only shot about 1000 frames altogether, and only about 30% of them are flash frames.

    Oh well, it's a great camera, so I'll look into repairs. Does anyone know if i can get the flash module and put it in the camera myself? I'm not concerned about the warranty since it's expired - so if i can avoid having to pay a technician to turn 6 small screws, i'll give it a whack . .


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