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    experiences with FZ5?

    thinking about this as my next camera......never used a panasonic and never would have thought to until coming here and to another main site where all reviews are rather good......

    anyone have an FZ5 and what do you like and hate about it?

    is it worth getting?

    samples would be ideal

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    Feb 2006
    Just bought mine Saturday too early to tell, I went on numerous reviews prior to purchasing.

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    Plano TX
    I purchased fz5 about 3 months ago. I love it because I can put it in my briefcase, purse or winter coat pocket(big pocket). I previously owned fz20 that I gave to my daughter after I purchased a fz30. fz30 for serious stuff and fz5 for everything else. This is my first time to reply. Love this site. View everyday.

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    I bought my FZ5 a few months ago and love it. It's a great camera if you're fairly new to photography. It has the ability to add extra lenses and filters, as well as complete manual controls (except for manual focus) so you can do a lot of stuff with it. The great thing about it is that the camera grows with you as you learn more. As in, if you're utterly new you don't have to do anything but press the button, then as you grow you can try different things with it.

    The things that I don't like about it is that the lens/filters support isn't great (cheap, plastic filter) although you can always make modifications. The viewfinder can also be a pain when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight do to it's placement.

    It's been a great camera for me so far. Good luck in your decision!

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