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    VegCoolio Guest

    Any1 order through PCSuperDeals.com?

    I want to buy camera from them. I don't see any review for this store at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegCoolio
    I want to buy camera from them. I don't see any review for this store at all.
    A little digging says that they've probably been in business for 17 years. Their website's been up for several years.
    PCSuperDeals.com = [ ]
    Micro League Inc.
    1844 Lincoln Blvd.
    Santa Monica CA 90404
    Administrative Contact -
    Craig Trombly - ctrombly@INTERNET2K.NET
    Graphics Ink
    1208 Mercedes Lane A
    Santa Barbara CA 93101
    Phone - 805-560-0515
    Fax - 805-560-0515
    Technical Contact -
    Network Operations Center - noc@SBWH.COM
    Santa Barbara Web Hosting
    PO Box 6913
    Santa Barbara CA 93160-6913
    Phone - 805 892-4166
    Fax - - 805 892-4167
    Record update date - 2004-09-10 17: 59: 34
    Record create date - 1998-10-12
    Record will expire on - 2006-10-11
    Database last updated on - 2004-09-20 19: 17: 52 EST
    Domain servers in listed order:
    Register your domain name at http://www.bulkregister.com
    http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/4011-5_16-307538.html seems to think well of them.

    Checking the actual website, the address given tallies.

    On that basis, I'd say it's unlikely to be fraudulant. Their website looks well-thought-out and professional although I found it slow to load.

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