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    DX7440 and High Speed Memory?

    Is the 7440 compatible with highspeed SD cards?

    I tried an ATP 60x 512MB card but I was not able to format it in the camera, it just said it was already write-protected. I got a different message with the lock switch actually turned on, so that wasn't the problem (I did think it was neat it could tell the difference.).

    I returned the ATP card and got two regular 256MB Lexar cards and they both seemed to work fine.

    I know in Steve's review he said he used the SanDisc Extreme which is a 10MBs card, but in the manual it says it can't guarantee compatibility with Ultra II and other highspeed cards.

    Anyone else have any luck with an ATP card, other highspeed cards?

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    High-speed memory cards should work, but I'm not sure if you really need it.

    I'm not sure how faster cards will affect shutter lag. However, some movie modes that take up lots of space on memory cards may record better with higher speed cards.

    The Kodak DX7440 should perform just as well, maybe a very slight bit slower, with standard SD cards. You'll also be able to save a great deal of money as well.

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