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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy Bloom
    I have heard that the kit lens for the Canon xlt is not very good. I have also been told by a camera salesman that the kit inner lens part (facing the camera body) is plastic. I don't know what is really true. I think the D70s has many more controls an experienced person would appreciate, and the D50 is easier to use just out of the box. The D50 has some specs that appear to better the D70s. But, specs are specs. I thank this list (George et al.) for "steering" me toward the D50. I am very happy about my purchase.


    The mount part is plastic, just like cheap lenses from Nikon, Sigma and such. Nothing bad about that. And no, the kit lens from the Canon 350D/XT is not as bad as said, in some areas it is better than the two Nikon kit lenses, and of course in some areas the Nikons will be better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murrays
    Have a look at this article: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/mpmyth.htm

    Basically, doubling the number of pixels on a CCD only increases effective print length and width by 41% given the same pixels/inch.

    Going from 6 to 8 mp would increase the effective print size by 15% (square root of 8/6).

    Bottom line, 6.1 mp should serve you well for many years to come.

    An outstanding read definately explains a lot. I'm just going to have fun.
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    Well I just traded up from an A1/AE-1p to a D50 in the past couple of weeks and had some questions but this thread took care of most of them. Thanks for all the info.
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    This was one of the best reads I have had in researching my camera purschase (D50 vs Rebel XT). Someone should look at making this a sticky post and renaming it for the novice user doing research.

    Although it was long it answered and covered tons of information that I, and I am sure most people have when looking at and entry level dSLR.


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    These threads were a GREAT read!

    By far the best forum I have come across so far. The people here give excellent opinions and advice. Had a question about fast glass for outdoor night shots. What are the options for around $500 and under. Ive been looking up specs, but would like some hands on opinions here...

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