Hi all,

first of all, sorry for the bad english. Anywayzzz.....

i just bought myself a D50 + Sigma 18-200. Right now i'm looking for supportin gadget for my camera. i'm planing to buy firstly a Tripod cos i like to take shots of landscape and nightscene...
so, the problem is, i can't decide which Tripod I should buy. If somebody has experienced with this case, please give me some advice..
I'm kinda interessted to Manfrotto 190 ProB + 486RC2 Ballhead, is it a good one? it would cost me bout 170 Euro, which personally i find it expensive, since i'm new in this photograpy thing. does it worth the buy?? (good investition ??), is there a good and stable Tripod which cheaper than this Manfrotto?

O'yeah, another question. which Blitz is more useful to Nikon D50, the SB600 or the SB800 ? i heard that's there is some difference that sb800 can do and sb600 can't do in combination with d50. something with Blitz trigger or something like that, which i don't understand. If someone can explain it to me, it would be great !!!

I thank you all for the Information and advice guys.... !!