im looking to make the leap to dslr. tired of waiting for camera to take picture
use- mostly indoor, vary active 15 month son with a daughter less than 3 months away
after reading reviews and searching forums - i have narrowed it to 3
olympus e500 nikon d50 and konica minolta maxxuum 5d

e500 - i think 4/3 shots crop better to potrait without having to turn camera but not sure if high iso noise may be problem for indoor shots

maxuum 5d - image stabalization a real plus - worry about support

d50 - only 6 mp compared to other two

i usually set the camera to auto - try to fix pictures after
money tight so kits look like best way to go for now .. better lenses r way down the road

canon xt and pentax ist feels to small - have larger hands

i have not been able to locate maxuum in area to try feel yet

any help in choosing greatly appreciated