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    Neo Guest

    Question Sony T9 or Fuji F10 ?

    Hi Friends,
    I am new here and planning to buy a new compact camera. After reading a lot of reviews and user oinions, I have narrowed down to Sony T9 and Fuji F10.
    My main preferenaces are,
    Photo quality. I am not too much worried about proffesional quality picture. But the photos should be pleasing to average user.
    Size and shape of the camera. T9 wins here.
    Battery life. F10 wins
    Speed. Looks like, both are equaly good.
    Indoor photos
    Flash range
    Red eye and

    I find some of the factors are better in Sony T9 and others in Fuji F10. I am confused. Anyone actually used both of these cameras?
    Please help me to choose one.

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    Aug 2005
    Yup, it's pretty hard to choose. But before you make your puchase, let's share couple of my past experience with Fuji and Sony.

    I used to own a very slim Sony DSC-T7 (Silver Color), this is a very ultra slim camera, it has tons of feature, fun to play it around, you can easily to place this litter camera in your pocket, nobody knows it, like a spy...hehe!

    Well, Fuji F10, I think you might consider F11, which is the latest model, price is even higher than Sony DSC-T9, but if you go for Compact Size but photo quality, F11 surely gives you what you want.

    Sony always put a little super fun feature on their products. Don't foget the
    Super SteadyShot Optical Image Stabilization, this will give you a very clear picture even for my grandmum!

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