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    Help With Lens decision

    Hello All,

    Im looking forward to the summer already and wanted a little help on deciding what lens I should consider for a trip to Europe and a Weddding this coming summer at which I will take photos at (Sister in law is getting married). At the moment I have the Tamron 17-35 f2.8-4 LD Di Asp If and the Canon 50 f1.4.

    So what I need is a good walk around lens (out doors and indoors) that can double as a zoom at a wedding. Im assuming the church will be moderatly lit and I know that its a moderatly sized church (ive been to it) and have been told I can use a flash there. Im willing to spend up to $1300 on this lens which would go on a Canon 20D. Ive been leaning towards the Canon 28-105 f4L IS USM which looks like a great lens now that Canon has addressed some of the problems people were having with it. Despite the f4 the IS appears to help alot in less than ideal lighting and thats why im favoring it. Ive also looked at the Canon 24-70L f2.8 and Canon 70-300 USM IS as well. Im not against using that money towards primes if that would make more sense at the wedding.

    Questions comments?

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    You might want to look up some of jamison55's posts on the subject. As a wedding photographer he has been through a lot of mid zooms.
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    While the 24-105mm f4 L is a nice lens, IS will not help much on weddings, since you probably do not want motion blur from your subjects... An EF 85mm f1.8 or EF 100mm f2 would make more sense... the EF 85mm f1.2 is a bit over your budget

    Also a possibility could be the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM, which is close to your 1300$...

    The Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 EX Aspherical DG DF will set you back $400, and may just deliver what you are looking for, but try it first in combination with your flash to make sure it is compatible with the flash system.
    It would leave plenty of room for a 85mm and/or 135mm prime.
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    Your lens choice should really depend upon what you want to do with the lens long term...not just for the one wedding. As a general walk around, I've heard some really good things about the 24-105L now that they have worked out the flare issues. Since you already have the wide end covered with the Tamron, the 24-105 would be a nice mid zoom length.

    For the wedding, the 24-105 should be a good performer, as long as you plan on using a flash during the ceremony. Speaking of, do you have a good off-camera flash? If not, that should be the first thing you should budget for.

    Assuming that you do, the f4 should not be a limitation (especially given the very usable ISO1600 on the 20D), and the IS will really help if you want to drag the shutter a bit when zoomed in. I shoot with a 28-70 f2.8L, and almost always shoot between f4-5.6 for DOF reasons. I definitely think that you are on the right track with a good zoom. Though fast primes are indespensible when you are forced to shoot in available light, I find zooms to be far more convenient at weddings...especially if you are only shooting with only one body. My ceremony setup is a flashed 17-40 f4L on one body and non-flash 85f1.8 on the other...

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    Even with the IS on the 70-300, if you are zoomed in at 300 you may still get some movement, especially at a wedding when you are going to be stressed to get the good shots. I have used the 17-85 EFS IS at events like this and had much better luck. With the increased stability of the lower 85 the image is near motion free and and you can always Photoshop yourself closer later. ** As long as you have a good clear original **

    Later this is a awesome walk around lens, I use this lens probably 80% in all my shooting, it is good macro as well. Focus is fast and quite.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. As for the flash ill be shooting with the Canon 580.
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