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    Question Sony DSC T9 vs. Canon SD400 vs. ?


    Here's my rap sheet:

    well, its a gift for me, and i don't replace cameras often, so i'd rather get something i'd like than something a little cheaper that i may want to replace in a while
    ultracompact. this is very important. i'm a girl who doesn't like to carry much around, and when i carry my tiny "going out" purse, it should be able to carry my slim wallet, my razr phone, some lip balm, and this camera. that's the idea, at least. it looks like the sony t9 is as big as i want to get, meaning things should remain under 7 cu. in.
    standard optical zoom
    image quality is like a 7 or 8 perhaps
    General Usage:
    i will be using this as a snapshot camera, taking to to parties, hanging out with friends, traveling, etc. also taking shots of dragon boat races (when i'm not on the boat myself!). the only other special use i have for this camera is that i need to be able to take decent pictures in museums. i work with Japanese art and museum work is a big part of that. this means it needs to be able to make decent photos WITHOUT a flash as these artworks are sensitive to light and i won't be able to use a flash much of the time. These would be shots for my own reference, not something of publishing quality.
    probably won't be making big prints. just keep things on my computer and email around.
    I think i've narrowed it down to the Canon SD400 (mainly because I've had canons in the past and they seem to be good all-around) and the Sony DSC T9 (I like the optical stabilization and the slim look). i was looking at the Casio Exilim until i discovered it doesn't integrate well with the Mac (which I use. I know I can make it work, but i'd rather not bother). Any other suggestions are also welcomed.

    basically, the camera needs to be small, easy to use, decent photo quality, and work in situations where i won't be able to use the flash indoors (taking pictures of objects, works on paper, etc).

    thanks in advance for any advice you guys might have!


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    >and work in situations where i won't be able to use the flash indoors

    Fuji F10, no other p&s cameras can do No-Indoor-Flash without noise plaguing the image. But then again, other than that, I choose the SD400.

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