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Thread: JamCam ignorant

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    grammy Guest

    JamCam ignorant

    I received a JamCam digital camera that is a couple of years old. I tried to install it into my computer (windows xp) and I have a problem doing so. Says its not compatible. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    It is entirely possible that the old JamCam is not at all XP compatible. Sorry to say, but even when they were brand spanking new a few years ago they were total junk. For less than $100 you can buy a digital camera that is actually decent even by today's standards. I have seen 3MP Olympus cameras for $89. If you really want to go digital do not waste your time with the JamCam. Heck you can do better with a disposable film camera and getting the photo finisher to create a CD from it. But it will cost more than the Olympus after a couple.

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