So i am new to the DSLR market, however i have done some beginer Studio photograph as well as owned a 35mm SLR.

I am planning on purchasing a DSLR, I have been doing some research and i am narrowing my choices down to the Canon Digital Rebel XT 350d or the Nikon D50.

Now i have done some research and believe that the Canon does have better features and has better photo quality than the D50. This would be expected with a good price difference between the two. With my current budget it would be a lot easier to purchase the D50, but i am wondering if in the long run i will regret not getting the 350d. Is the 350D worth saving the extra couple hundred for in features and picture quality?

I just don't want to regret a D50 purchase once i get comfortable with the camera and think that i should have made a 350D purchase.

Thanks for any advice