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    Which camera should I buy?


    I'm looking for a digital camera with the following specs, I've been wondering between 4 choices : Olympus FE-100, Olympus FE-110, Canon A410, Canon 520 [or anything you would recommend]:


    * $300


    * Small, but doesn't need to be compact. If it fits in the hand or a jacket pocket, it's good.


    * Standard will suffice.

    * Image quality is really important.

    * Manual controls are important if without them pictures taken at night will be blurry.

    General Usage

    * Everyday use. Taking pictures of something I notice on the road, or around somewhere. Mostly outdoors, and within a certain close distance [like a sign across the street, for example].

    * I will not be making any prints of the pictures. They'll mostly be for viewing on the computer.

    * I'll be shooting several low light photos, and sometimes a few indoor photos.

    * I'll be shooting moving objects sometimes, like in a race or while driving.


    * Are there particular models you already have in mind? : Yes, I was thinking between Olympus FE-110, Olympus FE-100, Canon Powershot A410 & Canon Powershot A520 in mind at the moment. If you have any other camera model or company that you would recommend, please let me know.

    I would prefer if any of the cameras had a wide angle and image stabilization for moving pictures, though that's not a requirement. Other than that, I'm ok with almost anything.

    Thank you for reading this.
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