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    Looking for ultra small camera

    I'm looking for a small camera, at least under an inch in thickness, with a zoom lens if possible (though not necessary) and 3 megapixels. This will basically be carried around with me during the day to take pictures of what piques my interest.

    I'm not big into photography, and I probably wouldn't notice most flaws like the rest of you guys here would. Oh yeah, and I need it to be tough, and I need it to bootup really fast.

    So far I've looked at the Casio Exilim S3. Any other suggestions?

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    How much do you plan to spend? It would help to thin out the cameras more.

    Getting more then 3x optical zoom on a Ultra thin camera is rare... The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ series is the only option I can think of (Although they are heavier then most).

    The Olympus Stylus series are weather proof which could be helpful and allows you to be slightly rougher with them (espically with regards to water).

    The Canon SD series probably offers the best Image quality and general preformance.

    Casio can make good ultra thin cameras, often with excellent battery life. Although they can also make ones not so good.... Worth checking on the model.

    The Fuji FinePix Z1 ultra compacts, claim to frame is probably its low light ability without flash. This is because they have less noise in their photos at higher ISO. It has near instant start-up, and good all around preformance.
    Photo quality is probably not as good as the Canons but still good....

    Kodak EasyShare V550: Suppose to be easy to use, although battery life is poor. Quite good all around.

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9: Good battery life, optical image stabilizer,

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