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    Nikon recommendation for newbie

    I love taking pictures, my previous experience is limited to point and shoot digital cameras though.

    I want to get into the world of digital SLR.

    I want to take two vary different types of pictures, I love taking nature photographs outside, and I love to do macro photography on my reef aquarium.

    Can you recommend a decent starter camera, and the lense(s) that I would need to accomodate macro aquarium photography, as well as for outside I want a really good zoom capability.

    For price, I just want to enter the world of digital SLR, maybe the D50, D70/70s, and anyone know where to get good prices through online stores?

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    You'll definately want to shoot D50 since you are entering. I'm a Canon shooter, so I can'r really recommend any lenses. But you are making a good choice if you buy the D50.

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