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    lumix lx1 vs canon 750/550

    Please can someone give me advise on which is the better camera to buy, the panasonic lumix lx1 0r the canon ixus 750/550? really cant decide.



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    The lx1 is the best point and shoot camera money can buy.... except for the noise. The noise makes it pretty much unusable but it does have a feature set that rocks. Up to iso 160 it's not bad, looks a lot like film grain which i can deal with but iso 200 and up is pretty bad.

    Iso 400: http://img2.dpreview.com/gallery/pan...s/p1000536.jpg

    Iso 200: http://img2.dpreview.com/gallery/pan...s/p1000185.jpg

    Iso 160: http://img2.dpreview.com/gallery/pan...s/p1000513.jpg

    Iso 80: http://img2.dpreview.com/gallery/pan...s/p1000216.jpg

    Those are ALL for the lx1. That iso 200 is not bad enough that a little neat image (noise reduction) wouldn't fix it nicely but wow is 400 really bad.
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