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    Canada, eh?
    Wow, I can't believe the difference in the photo comparisons. Amazing quality. I want.

    I want bad.

    Very cute kid by the way.

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    I thought I remembered you recently using a 135L in concert with a 5D on one of those steaming hot shoots you do!
    You mean like this one?

    All the 135mm shots in this gallery http://imageevent.com/24peter/kimberlyjean were done with the "lowly" Canon 135 2.8 SF lens ($279)

    Compare it to this shot taken from this gallery http://imageevent.com/24peter/lorenafinato with the 135 f2 L -

    For both, go to the gallery and click on the image and scroll down, select "original" as the image size and look at the detail. I think the 135 SF performs nearly as well "L" lens, even on my XT (Kimberly's shot was done with a 5D). So I've decided that for now, the 135 SF 2.8 is good enough and the "L" is not worth the extra $600. But again, I'm not shooting someone's wedding in a dark reception hall or church. There the extra stop might be worth it. Plus I'm shooting at f4+ on the SF to maximize sharpness, though it is useable at 2.8. The 135L was sharp even wide open.
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