Hey i want to get a camera to take out with me. But i am a guy and thus do not have a hand bag and need a small camera to put in my pocket which takes good shots in clubs, uni... i.e. low light conditions...

its a bonus if it looks good :P

i was looking at the finepix f11 because it was excellent in the photos it takes, but it is also quite bulky (and doe not look good - not that thats a primary concern)

Anyway all advice is appreciated


ps i live in Australia - so very new cameras are hard to find here: in my local store i can get a F10 + cary case + 512mb card for $aud600. Or on ebay i can get http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Fujifilm-Fuji...QQcmdZViewItem (i am kinda worried about the warranty - although the dealer says he has it i bet it must be dodgy... what do you guys think?