Purchase price 10500INR(250$ approx)
- Whether you think the lens is worth it - yes
- Whether you would buy the lens again - Maybe

If I were to compare to 1000$ glass, I may have given it a rating of 5 or 6. I say may because I do not own such glass, and in the range I afford this is one of the best zoom lenses.
Consumer low end zooms are supposed to be soft at extremes, have AF problems etc., but not with this lens. In bright daylight I rarely get AF problems, though if I go to speeds below 1/640, I do get a little camera shake which is apparent only in 100% crops. The results are amazingly sharp and 80% of the times the AF will work fine. If you look at my moon gallery over here
http://tanveer.smugmug.com/gallery/1269634/1/59581044, you will see the pics come out sharp, and one slightly unsharp pic is due to AF issue. This lens does not like AF on moon, and on black colored birds, rest everything will be handled with aplomb.
this pic demonstrates focus accuracy http://tanveer.smugmug.com/gallery/1...58499478/Large
If you want to see how it does for moving targets, look at this pic

So if you are the kind of guy who wants everything in focus, real real sharp(stickler for sharpness etc.,) you may not like this lens. I have seen pics on web from the L lenses, and at 100% crops some difference in visible. But then you have to pay 1000$ odd.

Now will I buy it again? Maybe, if I cannot afford anything else. Why do I say that if its such a great lens. Well you see I have not got very steady hands, so I would love to buy a telephoto lens with IS.

To sum it up:
Pros :
1. Value for money
2. Good quality images
3. Good bright light AF
4. Light weight

1. AF not very good on moon and black surfaces. I wonder if its due to XT or the lens,my kit lens does not have any such issues in low light
2. F 5.6 is slow. With I had F4 at telephoto end!
3. No marking on manual focus ring. Makes focusing infinity a tad difficult and subject to user error