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    Exclamation ridata and adata SD cards - work OK in FZ30?

    anybody use these cards in their FZ30? 'generally' they get pretty fair user reviews, "but not without a few, far-between moans". I'm probably gonna get a 2gb ridata 150X, unless you guys tell me otherwise...(santa i -think- is bringing me an FZ30 for xmas "so I've gotta be ready" )

    mentions of any specific problems encountered especially invited

    opinions welcomed and thanks,


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    Sep 2004
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    I have heard of people using both those in the FZ30 with no problems and I am using the 2 gb 150X transcend with no problems.

    You must have been pretty good for Santa to bring you a FZ30...Enjoy

    one of these days I'll understand!

    Panasonic FZ20 & FZ30,FZ18
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    Oct 2005
    Am using a 512 and a 1 gig RiData SD Pro 150x memory card in my FZ30. The SD Pro cards offer very good performance in camera and USB2 in computer adapter.
    I have a KM Z3 which I use the 512 card in sometimes. Format it in camera and the same when I use it in the FZ30. Been working fine in both. Even boosts the Z3 speeds.


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    Using the 2GB 150x adata. About 1000 shots thus far. No issues.

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