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    I have a somewhat similar problem with my 13 month old Rebel XT. (it's just past the 1 year warranty). I have about 8000 exposures on the camera. In the pase week while shooting with either the 24-70 f2.8 or my new 70-200 f4IS the display will flicker with random settings & characters and finally freeze. The problem is made worse if I press my right thumb against the body, just above the thumb wheel, the LED display goes nuts. The camera will lock up solid and nothing except removing the battery for several minutes will clear the issue. Last night I shot an orchestral concert and the camera locked twice, about 30 seconds to reset. I wonder if the flex of the body is causing some of the circuitry some issues. Anybody else have the same issue?


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    I have a Canon XTI. I also had the error99 problem. I narrowed it down to the automatic sensor cleaning. When I turned on the camera, beofore it had a chance to show the error, I went to the menu and shut off the auto cleaning. That solved the problem , but I still exchanged it for another XTI because I wanted the sensor cleaning option to work.
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    Unhappy I got Err 99'd today

    I woke up and saw the sunrise was gorgeous so I grabbed my Canon Rebel XT and went outside. There were a couple of sprinkles here and there from the thunderstorm that will be here later, but nothing big, seriously I felt like 5 in the few minutes I was outside.

    Well I took about 15 - 20 shots and all of the sudden my camera stops working it won't focus or do anything. I look down and see ERR 99 staring back at me.

    I tried everything right away, CF card, battery, lens. all of it...NOTHING. Twice I got the meterings to show back up but then I pressed the shutter release and it came back.

    I don't have time to send my camera in to have it fixed, I have to take it to a local place today and hope to GOD (Buddha, Zeus...whoever) that they can figure out what's wrong and keep it from happening again. I am shooting a wedding in 2 days. I have no back up camera, I have a 35mm but I haven't used that thing in two years so there's no way I could go back to it and be spot on like I need to be.

    I have a Tamron Lens but I've been using it since April with no problems. The only thing that has been a problem is my attached flash, because I let my friend's nephew carry around my camera last year and take pictures and when the flash popped up he's slam it back down and it damaged the motor. But I was on a manual setting when this started happening so the flash would not have been involved at all.

    I have no idea what to do right now...

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    from the best of my knowledge
    it's the flexible circuit that controls the aperture in the lens that's buggered
    or the shutter assembly in your body
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    If you have a wedding tomorrow and no camera, you're stuffed unless you buy a new camera. This really does enforce the point of having two bodies, two lenses and two flashes - just in case something dies on or just before the day. I hope you have good insurance because you could get sued over negligence like that.

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    you'll just have to rent a camera for a day. where do you live?
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