Hi everyone. I'm sort of new to this forum, and I've been on a rampage on the web recently to find a cure for my EOS Digital Rebel XT's feared ERR 99. So far, only one other person seems to have the same problem as me, and they did not find a way to fix it themselves.

I had purchased my camera online (buydig.com) about a month ago, along with the lens and accesssories, and was eager to start taking pictures like crazy. And just today, as I was at a friends house, my camera started bugging out with the ERR 99 problem.

This ERR 99 is a major pain. After going through every possible website regarding ERR 99, I couldn't find the solution to my particular camera. I did a couple of tests to figure out what was wrong with my camera, including checking the lens-body contacts, removing the CF card, and removing the battery.

Lens-Camera Contacts, FAILED Remedy
First off, I tried the lens contacts remedy. I highly doubt that that's the case because I had never before taken my lens off. The only time before the body and the rear of the lens was exposed to the air was when I first put attached them together. And I am also using a Canon Lens (EF 28-105 USM II). So I tried wiping the contacts correctly, put the lens back on, shot one picture, and the ERR 99 message popped up again...

CF Card Removal, FAILED Remedy
Second, I tried removing and replacing the CF card - maybe it's the CF card's fault. Click on, focus, aim, shoot, ERR 99. Even without the CF card, the ERR 99 still pops up.

Battery CF Card, Lens Removal, FAILED Remedy
Next, I tried removing the battery, CF card, and lens, waited a couple of moments, reinserted them, and it started working again for about 5 shots - then ERR 99. By this time, I noticed something peculiar. The flash wouldn't synch with the shutter, and whenever I used the flash, the picture would appear as if the flash was never really used in the shot, even though the flash went off and the shutter clicked. Indoor shots would be underexposed, but long exposure time picture still work (before the ERR 99 stops me again).

Body Only, FAILED Remedy
Okay, one more test to figure out what's wrong with my camera. I took of the lens, and the CF card - now I'm left with just the body, a body cap, and a battery. I took out the battery and reinserted it in, just to be sure. I took about 5 shots, then ERR 99 popped up, once again. AHHHH....

Conclusion of tests
After doing these simple tests, I have come to the conclusion that ever since the ERR 99 message popped up, the flash would not synch properly, the most shots I could after removing then replacing the battery was 5, and that the lens or the CF card don't seem to be causing the problem. I'm guessing it has something to do with the firmware or the electronics. Or I'm one of the few lucky ones to own a totally defective Rebel XT.

If anyone has any suggestions in what I should do, that would be MUCH appreciated. My camera (and lens) is still under the Canon Warranty, but I no longer have the original (I have a copy) UPC for the Digital Rebel XT, since I mailed that in for the $75 rebate.

Thank you all for taking the time in reading this, and I also want to thank in advance any helpful suggestions to my unfortunate situation.

- Arvin Tanag